“The Seven Days of Christmas”

“Days of…” Series Book 1

When friendship and brotherly affection transform into love, past sins threaten to undermine Caroline’s deep faith and belief in God’s redemptive power. Her love for Rick and commitment to God may not be enough for her to take that step of faith into romance before tragedy jeopardizes their future.


When Caroline Atherton’s brother brought his college roommate, Rick Stratford, home for Thanksgiving fourteen years ago, he quickly became one of the family. Much like a second brother, the three of them became a tight-knit family unit, sharing their successes, failures, grief, and faith.

Leaving his wild days behind him, Rick has spent years pursuing his walk with the Lord in both wisdom and guidance, becoming a man content with his personal and professional achievements. As Rick discovered a hitch in the status quo of his feelings, he has been slow to navigate his way through the change. When Caroline discovers her feelings change, she works hard to ignore them; unwilling to jeopardize the family dynamic. After all, they never expected to find love so close to home.

In the sparkle of snow and twinkling lights of Christmastime, Rick has the green light to romance his love. Yet despite the excitement and promise surrounding her, Caroline battles an inner struggle that threatens to sabotage their joy and their future. In the midst of the holiday season, can Rick and Caroline navigate this new path to reconcile her hidden resistance, or will tragedy steal their happiness before it begins?

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