What started as an idea

Gave birth to a project

Which fell into a slumber

That reignited into a plan

That mocked in the face of reality

Which labored and stumbled and stalled,

Until new light shone

And clarity awakened

And Purpose prevailed.

I’ve tried to recall the inception of the story, but it’s been in my thoughts for too long to separate time and circumstances. I can tell you that it first took shape “on paper” in November of 2013. A NaNoWriMo project during homeschooling and theatre season, when I decided, “what the heck, start writing it.” Never did I expect it to become an actual book, let alone the precursor to a calling. Yet, here I am – two books published, and that first story, a real life testimony. At long last, Mountain Healing is a reality.

What’s this story all about? Glad you asked; take a read:

Recently widowed, Madalyne turned to the tranquility of the mountains seeking direction for the next steps in moving forward. She never expected to stumble upon the past.

Matthew left his worldly ways behind him when he relocated to the mountains. Although one woman would forever captivate his heart, he was content with his solitary bachelor’s life, serving the Lord and his community. Never did he expect to see her again.

It’s been more than thirty years. Neither envisioned the sunset shores of the Pacific past washing upon the trails of big sky country. Until one autumn day…

Mountain HealingAre you hooked? Ready for some mountain peace? How about encouragement or adventure?

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