Divine Appointments & Acoustic Guitar

I’ve tried three times to write this entry. The first one I accidentally deleted from my phone app. I was crushed. The second time was with a very tired and fuzzy brain. Totally no focus. Let’s see if three is, indeed, the charm.

I believe God gives us divine appointments. Last month I experienced one. I am always overjoyed and humbled and awed when I see God’s hand in my simple life in real and tangible ways. I mean, I know He is guiding and directing my path, and I know He is real, and I know I have a personal connection with Him, but it’s still pretty awesome when He shows me He’s here and guiding and directing and participating in my life in tangible ways.

A few months ago I discovered that a book trailer was a thing. Just like a movie trailer to promote a movie, authors use book trailers to promote their book. Huh. Cool. I like doing photos and videos; this will be fun. So, I brainstormed ideas, created a script of sorts, and set out to collect the photos from my collection that I wanted, and then searched for music that would set the right tone. Of course, the book is set at Christmastime, so I wanted a Christmassy song. Well, in August, listening to Christmas music brought me several irritated and confused looks and comments from my family, but I persisted. In my searching, I stumbled upon The California Guitar Trio.

I am sad to say that it has taken me so long to discover The California Guitar Trio’s music; and yet, I am loving the timing of finding them. I like their sound so much. I like the beautifully unique arrangements of their pieces. And, having had the chance to meet them, I like their unassuming and generous spirits. I contacted them about using part of one of their songs from their Christmas album in the trailer and they were very kind to say yes. I think it the perfect soundtrack to introduce you to “The Seven Days of Christmas.” Click over here and watch the video. What do you think?

As I perused their website, I noticed that they had a tour schedule. Imagine my delight to see that I had two options within an hour’s drive to see The California Guitar Trio, shortly after “The Seven Days of Christmas” released. Can you say ‘timing?’ Well, I say divine appointment.

I shared my find with my husband and checked the calen20161119-cgtrio-1dar. We chose the closer concert to attend (just a 30 min. drive) and got ourselves some tickets. I must say, I had the most lovely evening listening to them perform. And then the night was capped off beautifully by meeting all three of the guys and chatting with them, and then even sharing my book with them as a thank you and capturing a photo opp. I’m just so tickled to see how it all worked out. And I’m thankful and blessed by the experience.

If The California Guitar Trio happens to be in your neck of the woods, take an evening and enjoy a musical treat. I’m so glad we did.

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