Life Can Be A Little Bumpy Sometimes

I’ve been pretty absent from my writing word lately. I’ve wanted to work on posts and ads and memes and ideas for marketing, and of course I’ve wanted to get to writing. But I just haven’t been able to get there. Life here got a little bumpy – okay, life here got really bumpy.

I wrapped up outdoor archery with our son in September with a trip to Texas for the Texas Shootout. In spite of the heat and humidity, and the camper a/c raining inside the kitchenette, tournament was fun. It’s always so nice to be a part of a great event with some really nice people and experience the competition and camaraderie of the shooters. And I love encouraging and supporting our son in his passion; watching him stretch himself and learn at each new venue is a treasure. Our trip, however, was not exactly the vacation trip we had originally planned. Due to some increasingly alarming health issues, my husband ended up staying home from the trip and beginning a journey of discovery into reasons for the same. As we headed home from Texas we received some life altering news – my husband has stage 4 rectal cancer that has metastasized to his liver.

Our return home has brought doctor visits, many discussions and conversations within our family, more tears than I thought I could shed, research into cancer and treatments and nutrition, sharing with family and friends, and prayer, lots and lots of prayer. It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks, to say the least. We have set up a CaringBridge page on which we are sharing our journey, and a GoFundMe will soon follow as a means to help with financial needs as they arise. If you are interested in following our journey, please check out our page there. We welcome all good wishes and prayers as we walk this path.

As for my writing journey, I will continue to pursue this as I am able, and as my mind is clear enough to focus. I still have a story to tell through fiction. My characters are still alive and well; marinating, if you will, until such time as they can be nurtured. And my desire to share God’s word and encourage you in your walk with Him is stronger than ever. My pen will not run dry, my words may simply be otherwise focused or come a little more slowly toward fiction. Of course, The Seven Days of Christmas and Illuminating Days of Discovery remain available for purchase through or in paperback directly from me. Because it’s always a good time to read a good story and be encouraged.

None of us knows what tomorrow may bring, so #LoveOnPurpose and #LiveYourFaithBoldly. #Discover what God has for you today. Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Life Can Be A Little Bumpy Sometimes

  1. Thank you for sharing, Sharon, I will be praying and will bookmark the CaringBridge page in order that my prayers will be informed.


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