Be Ready

I’m back in Luke 12 this morning after my live reading last night. I was reminded, confirmed, and once more convicted about a word or plan I’ve had from the Lord for the past year or so. Or maybe it was an encouragement to refocus and stay the course. Either way, I’m in verses 35-40, which I know talk about being ready for the return of Christ, but I’m going to stick closer to the actual parable. The parable starts out,

“Be ready for service and have your lamps lit.”

Be ready. Much planning, preparation, and work goes into being ready. Some things are easy and quick – maybe fifteen minutes or a couple of hours. Some things take months or even years. They all have one thing in common – an end goal. Having the dining room table cleared off and ready for dinner is a much simpler end goal than, say, having the house ready to sell. Both are clear end goals that allow us to form a plan of attack for achievement, muster the troops or personal motivation, and step forward toward accomplishing the goal.

Having our hearts aligned with God, having received His saving grace before He either returns or receives us home is a different end goal than being ready to receive the next step on the journey this side of heaven. However, the two do go hand-in-hand. Today, my heart and my focus is in the latter – working the plan to “be ready” for what God has in place next.

I’ve been falteringly slow at my progression toward the plan God showed me. Baby steps, a snail’s pace, derailed – those are all good phrases for my pace. And I struggle with feeling so disappointed, discouraged, and upset with myself for my shortcomings. I’m so grateful for God’s gentleness and steadfastness with me, reminding me that His timing and purpose are the goal, not mine. And I’m also grateful for the reminders and encouragements that give me a boost to keep stepping forward.

Be ready.

Whatever project or plan you have before you, be encouraged to take one more step today. Whether it be a little stumbled baby step or a bold giant leap, take the step that is in front of you. Make sure you’ve got your balance, see what’s in your field of vision, pray, and then tomorrow, do it again. We won’t be ready for what God has in store for us if we don’t take the step today to be ready. You know what step God wants you to take today. #LiveYourFaithBoldly and take that step. God has good things in store – at the end and along the way.

Journeying forward.

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