Giveaway: Mountain Healing Winter 2021

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Mountain Healing, a bracelet by The Rhinnah Toolbox, and a surprise.

This is a promo blitz giveaway. You get to help share Mountain Healing and let others in on this book. Not only is Mountain Healing an inspiring and beautiful story, there’s healing and encouragement in it – an underlying story that needs to be read. You can help make that happen.

So, plot out which book store and library you’re going to contact and make that call, email, text, or visit. This Week! Don’t let the weather hinder you. Then get in your entry.

If you’re already signed up for my mailing list, I sent out an e-mail this morning, Tuesday, January 26th, with instructions on how to satisfy this requirement. Check that In Box. And if you’re not already signed up, that’s part of the entry; easy peasy.

Thank you in advance for helping to get Mountain Healing out there for people to read. Share this Giveaway so your friends and family can get in on the fun, too! Don’t delay! Entry is only open until midnight Saturday night (technically 12:00am, CST, Jan 31st). And, hey, let me know you’re sharing this by tagging me in your posts on social media. Let’s go have some blitz giveaway fun!


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