The Athertons and Stratfords:

Where faith, family, and friendship entwine with

hope, trust, and romance.

Come discover inspirational, contemporary Christian fiction.

It’s about the “Days of…”

Book 1: When Caroline Atherton’s brother brought his college roommate, Rick Stratford, home for Thanksgiving fourteen years ago, he quickly became one of the family. Much like a second brother, the three of them became a tight-knit family unit, sharing their successes, failures, grief, and faith.

Leaving his wild days behind him, Rick has spent years pursuing his walk with the Lord in both wisdom and guidance, becoming a man content with his personal and professional achievements. When Caroline and Rick each independently discover their feelings change, they works hard to ignore them; unwilling to jeopardize the family dynamic. After all, they never expected to find love so close to home.

In the sparkle of snow and twinkling lights of Christmastime, Rick has the green light to romance his love. Yet despite the excitement and promise surrounding her, Caroline battles an inner struggle that threatens to sabotage their joy and their future. In the midst of the holiday season, can Rick and Caroline navigate this new path to reconcile her hidden resistance, or will tragedy steal their happiness before it begins?

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Book 2: More romance is in store for the Athertons and the Stratfords as we continue their journey in Book 2 of the “Days of…” Series.

With wedding plans crowding their already full schedules, Rick Stratford and Caroline Atherton must learn to be intentional about keeping romance alive as they march toward the aisle, lest familiarity threaten to take their love for granted before it’s fully blossomed.

Meanwhile, Jackson Atherton’s heart and commitment have been focused on family, work, and the Lord. When romance knocks on the door of his heart in the petite form of Beth Monroe, he discovers the difference between flirtation and gallantry. With a new faith and deep personal scars, Beth struggles to reconcile forgiveness and trust so she can fully embrace new possibilities.

Discover what true commitment to love can reveal with God’s light Illuminating Days of Discovery.

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Days of... Book 3 frontBook 3: Cap’s less-than-virtuous past left no room or desire for love and commitment as he built his dinner cruise business. Yet, something had been nagging at him of late. As he reconnects with his old college buddies, Rick and Jackson, and their friends, he sees a life and a faith he never expected.

Monica, ever the care-taker, pushes through her own tiredness to tend to the needs of others. Reluctantly drawn to the warm amber eyes of one Colby Capshion, she puts a hard stop on any possibility of romance – unwilling to be in a relationship not grounded in faith. Her heart, however, makes that difficult.

When medical tragedy and the unexpected throw one challenge after another at this group of friends, will they have what it takes to walk through with faith and purpose? Or will they constantly find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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