“Days of…” Series Book 2 Title & Cover REVEALED

Ahh, Spring. The sun is shining, there are flowers in bloom, and the temperatures make it feel like shorts weather. Don’t you just want to grab a book and sit out on a deck or porch – or a campsite or beach chair? I do. But for now, I’m content to share with you some news about the “Days of…” Series.

Since the release of The Seven Days of Christmas, I have been diligently working away on Book 2 of the “Days of…” Series. If you have read Book 1 you may recall I that I gave you a sneak peek into Book 2 at the end of the story. You’ll also notice that I gave Book 2 a working title. As the story has developed and come to life I have been compelled to make a modification to the title that would better represent the story. It has not been nearly as easy to hit the right title this time around and I have dismissed so many options. Finally, after much discussion, tinkering, and prayer, I have decided on:

Book 2 Cover Front B2 lighter

More romance is in store for the Athertons and Stratfords as we continue their journey in Book 2 of the “Days of…” Series. Discover what true commitment to love can reveal when God’s light is Illuminating the Days of Discovery.

I set a goal for Book 2 to release this spring and I am still on par to attain that goal with a Release Date of June 1, 2017. Yes, early June is still spring, so I will sneak it in just under the wire. As you make your summer vacation plans, I hope you will include the “Day of…” Series.

I am still trying to figure out how to set up a mailing list, but until then follow this blog and like and follow on facebook and twitter for updates and information. Once I do get set up with a mailing list, you’ll find out about it. Until then, like, share, comment and review – that’s the best way to let me know you’re out there. And Thank You!!

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