It Is Written!

It is written. That’s right, “Days of…” Series, Book 2 is written. Illuminating Days of Discovery continues the story of the Athertons and Stratfords and you don’t want to miss what happens! I’ve entered the fine-tuning phase and am on track to release on June 1, 2017. In the meantime, here’s a little blurb:


“Rick Stratford and Caroline Atherton must learn the art of balancing wedding plans and crowded schedules while keeping romance alive lest it be taken for granted and wilt before it’s fully blossomed. Meanwhile, when romance knocks on the door of Jackson Atherton’s heart in the petite form of Beth Monroe, he must learn the difference between flirtation and gallantry. With a new faith and deep personal scars, Beth struggles to reconcile forgiveness and trust so she can fully embrace new possibilities.

“More romance is in store for the Athertons and Stratfords as we continue their journey in Book 2 of the “Days of…” Series. Discover what true commitment to love can reveal when God’s light is Illuminating the Days of Discovery.”


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