A New Story

new book

Five years ago this homeschool mom had a brilliant idea – participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as a school assignment. “It’ll be fun!” she said. And since I’d had an idea for a story milling around in my head for years, I’d join in the fun and write, too. So, November 2013 rolled around and the boys and I set to writing. It was fun. I got so much of my story down and discovered that it had a life of its own. As November ended, so did the writing. No “the end” and I tabled the story for another day.

The next year’s NaNoWriMo season dawned and I had a new story brewing. Although the boys were so NOT down with participating, I was. And so I began. Fingers took to keys and the characters and story took on a life of its own, showing me new characters and twists and turns. Once more November ended with no final words, but that time, my fingers continued to type.

In the fall of 2016, The Seven Days of Christmas was published through Amazon and Createspace. I was officially an indie-published author. And much to my surprise, that book decided it was going to be a series and Book 2, Illuminating Days of Discovery was published late spring of 2017. The Days of… Series was born.

But what about that first book? Well, I pulled it out last summer, re-read it, still liked it, and was anxious to learn how it all ended. Once more, fingers went to keys and I tried to make sense of where the story was supposed to go while I traversed the life of traveling for tournament archery in my real world. And then life got more than real when my husband was given a terminal diagnosis. Suddenly, that story needed to be put on hold, again.

As the fog of grief began to clear, my story beckoned and I pulled it out again and began to edit in preparation of finishing. I was going to finish this book! But how? That had been the looming question for years. How do I get to its ending? And finally I had it. I knew how to get there. Today, in the wee hours of the morning, I typed those treasured and coveted words – The End.

Now I begin the arduous task of editing and formatting and design. My goal is to release this fall. What’s it called? When will the release date be? Oh, those are wonderful questions. Be watching. I am so excited to share more about this story.

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