Made New

What God's makes new

“I am making everything new,” Rev. 21:5

A meme was shared on facebook the other day that said, “You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces, differently.” @HighPoetsSociety. At first blush it seemed quaint, empowering even. But I had to stop and look at it again because something just didn’t feel right about the saying. And that’s because, as a follower of Christ, this statement is false.

I don’t put myself back together, I allow God to mold and shape me into His image. I yield to the Father’s hands to prune and bend and cultivate the me that He sees me to be. I hope I do look different at different seasons of my life, but not because of anything I particularly did, but because I let my Heavenly Father, the master creator, the tender gardener, the perfect envisioner, make me new. If someone doesn’t necessarily recognize me, I hope it’s because they see more of Jesus and the impact He’s had in my life.

#Discover the One. #LoveOnPurpose #LiveYourFaithBoldly

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