humbled – hat in hand


Weeks have passed and I’ve been hiding. It’s been an exercise in humility. I’m tempted to say failure, but I’m choosing to give myself more grace.

My self-imposed release date for Mountain Healing moved twice and still – no release. I’ve been disappointed, discouraged, and ashamed of my progress. And of my hiding. I’ve been distracted by nothing in particular and everything life is throwing my way. I’ve avoided finishing edits. Instead, I’ve worked on a large crochet project and binge-watched a show. Somewhere in all that, however, I realized something.

I’ve been reminded that God allows road blocks in my progress because He’s not finished with something. In this instance, I’ve been feeling like the story isn’t finished right, yet; like there’s something God still wants me to do in it. And so, the distraction and the contemplation. All the while I’m distracted and hiding and avoiding, I’m also processing and pondering and planning. Always. It’s typically not been in vain. At some point I have my “aha” moment and the ball starts rolling again.

Am I there? Well, I’m getting there. Mountain Healing holds such a special place in my heart. If we’ve chatted, you’ve heard my own story and I hope can understand all the more when I say, I want to do this story well. I really do. So, I’ve gotten the feeling that something is missing. I will finish my first round of edits, and then I’ll go through the story again from the perspective of this new thought. Hopefully, I will #Discover what God is wanting fixed or added. After that, it should be ready for the beta readers before final edits and the ARC process before its release.

I’m sorry I jumped the gun. I didn’t mean to get ahead of myself. I truly thought I was on track with this. So here I am, hat in hand, asking for your forgiveness. I AM working on the book, and I WILL release it. That’s just looking more like the end of January (or even February, to be fair) than before autumn makes it’s official departure for the year. I hope you’ll stick with me and follow the progress – I’ll be more proactive about sharing the process and what’s going on. I’ll stop hiding, and start moving forward.

My goal of goals, heart of hearts, is to encourage you through the writing to #Discover God’s path for your life, to #LoveOnPurpose, and to #LiveYourFaithBoldly in the midst of joys and struggles. You’re witnessing the proof that I’m learning along the way, too.

One thought on “humbled – hat in hand

  1. Hi Sharon! I’m a friend of Sarah and have found you through her. Mountain Healing sounds like a book I will want to read. Thank you for taking time to listen to God’s input on it before rushing it through. May the story you tell be God’s story and bless many.


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