NEW RELEASE! Six Pack Days of Intention, the "Days of..." Series Book 3 is LIVE! The long awaited continuation of the "Days of..." Series is here. Discover more of the journey of Caroline, Rick, Jackson, Beth, Cap, and Monica in Book 3. It's about the "Days of..." Order yours today. Want to get your paperback … Continue reading NEW RELEASE!

Spring Events & A New Release

It’s March and spring is reminding us that it IS coming. I've done my first event of the year, Flirty in Kansas City, and what a fun weekend that was. AND Six Pack Days of Intention, The “Days of…” Series Book 3 is releasing THIS WEEKEND! Six Pack Days of Intention is available for pre … Continue reading Spring Events & A New Release


Things are finally moving along to the next phase for Six Pack Days of Intention.

New Release in “Days of… Series”

I promised Book 2 of the "Days of... Series" would be available in the spring and I just made it! I know schools are out for the summer and the temperatures often feel rather summery, but it is, still, in fact, spring. So, just in time for all those summer vacations, plane and car rides, … Continue reading New Release in “Days of… Series”