Spring Events & A New Release

It’s March and spring is reminding us that it IS coming. I’ve done my first event of the year, Flirty in Kansas City, and what a fun weekend that was. AND Six Pack Days of Intention, The “Days of…” Series Book 3 is releasing THIS WEEKEND!

Six Pack Days of Intention is available for pre order now. Click here to pre order your signed paperback copy of Six Pack Days of Intention. If you’re looking for a digital pre order, you will find a link to click there as well. Paperback pre orders will come with a special bookmark; digital pre orders will receive a signed bookplate once you send me a copy of your receipt and your mailing address. Click to the form now.

I’m excited to add more events to my calendar. Here’s what’s on my calendar to date, if you have the opportunity to come see me.

Raspberry Spring Expo March 10th & 11th

Shoal Creek Spring Market April 22nd
Wild Deadwood Reads June 17th
MCPL Romance GenreCon August 3, 4 & 5
Heritage Holiday Mart (awaiting confirmation) December

Be watching in the monthly newsletter as new events are added.

Not on the mailing list to receive those monthly newsletters? No problem, click here and sign up. Quick and easy. Newsletters go out the first Thursday of the month, so make sure one will drop in your inbox. See you there.

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