Pre Order Six Pack Days of Intention

After a much longer journey than ever expected, Six Pack Days of Intention, “Days of…” Series Book 3 is ready for pre order. I am opening up a pre order window for a signed paperback copy of Six Pack Days of Intention. Delivery options are discussed on the form. This pre order is only available thru March 9, 2023 and then the book will have its official release. Woo Hoo!

Get a pre order price deal, and a special bookmark (made by me) by clicking here and pre ordering your copy now.


2 thoughts on “Pre Order Six Pack Days of Intention

  1. I am so proud of you Sharon you just keep on celebrating and enjoying and sharing God has blessed you and continues to bless you, you are you life is life and life is hard, but God only has us each here for the time he know we will be here and he will and has never left you or me or any of us, you just keep on keeping on my sister, as in God’s family. Do what you got to do of selfcare as and whenever needed take time for you, however, and then keep doinng whatevver it is next your Father, our Father lead you with or two, you got girl !!

    I am so looking forward to enjoying the book I pre ordered when ever it arrives it will be God’s timing and know as I reading, I am not one of those who stay up all night craming it in, I am a read and put down then pick up and read, enjoying and savering and crying and laughing and curious and wonder as well as amazed and enjoying how you think and write and I often say a prayer as I read or before or after, for you in today’s moment I am reading.

    Its been just over a year and a half, since we met at your table at the November, it was a middle or high school I think in Liberty, it was a big outing for me I shared my story with your for ‘God gave you and I some moments with no one at the table, my life as well as working through DID PTSD, and then as you shared as well, your story and your heart, etc, the bonding as sisters who have never met, God was blessing both of us we agreed in those moments. I bought your last christmas box as well as the book or was it two, two I think at the table, you signed them and I had never heard of read your books, I was being very courageous to be out of my aptment safety and comfort, for a friend I had been making over years as I would atttented Woman of Hope breast cancer support group at Pleasant Valley but also met her there for my therapist sent me two years before, after my first years of therapy to find another supoort group for he knew I needed help iwth co dpenedency. I had nver even heard of that word. We had crossed paths for that group meeting at PV and she goes to PV at times for things thought she is a member of her own chucrch home, rabbit trail haha, ok bac on track, she, the aldy I rabbit trail about was going to sell things she made at that event, and it was huge for me to get out of my safe place, venture and find the place I had never been to before, as well as wow it was overwheling so manny people and stuff, and large building, but I’d been ding herapywork on my disorders that I had for the fiusrrt 55 yeas of my life, since January 2009 so by the time I was at that event, a huge step for me, but I wanted to see what this selling its my freind was about, and I like intera ting with people, and seeng things, esp by that time being courage step I hcose when she told me it was going to happen and where. and that is where I met you, you were the first or maybe second table display as I was at this side of the large room full of people and their things. You were easy to interate with and listened and also your sharing, as I asked questions too, gettin got know you, many sellers can be well no so much, peope are peope as well. As of next month April 7th I will have been a whole me, person all split parts who were all me, Karen at different ages, not all that Sibel and others, 162 parts gradually learned I had and met and things taht went on in my life I had not clue for before I was one yrs old thru age 55. and met my theapist when I was 50 1/2. So girl, sister, you were terrific for me in the time God allowed for us to meeting and share at your table alone, and since that moment, well I’ve said enough, you have a fun time as you have, its life and life can be tough and sad and and and, but not always its woven into life as we know it and each experience it, keep having fun and keep taking the time for selfcare as well.

    Karen Christianson

    Karen Oct. 5, 1969. Accepted Christ as my Savior, have grown to know and love Him as my Lord ! A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man should have to seek Christ first to find her. Life verse (1977) Prov. 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all your (my) heart and lean not unto your (my) own understanding, in all your (my) ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your (my) paths. ________________________________

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Karen. And I’m so glad you are continuing to grow and learn… and read. I’ll be getting in touch about the pre orders in a couple of days. Watch your email. 😁


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