Mountain Healing is LIVE!

You probably thought it would never happen. I’ll be honest, the pace has been more than a little frustrating. But God is faithful and He has guided me through reading, editing, rewrites, more edits, more rewrites, final edits, formatting, and finally… the RELEASE of Mountain Healing.

That’s right, Mountain Healing is LIVE. The Kindle download is available NOW. I am making final adjustments to the paperback and it will be available soon (like in a few days, soon).

What a journey. Never did I imagine, when I first thought up this story more than seven years ago, that my life would become a parallel to my main character’s back story. Nor could I fathom all the challenges and emotions behind the behind-the-scenes of this story. Yet, my journey is progressing forward, and that means Mountain Healing is, too.

I would shout it from the rooftops and scream it while running through the streets if I thought it would help. Alas, I am no marketing guru and such tasks fall WAY outside my wheelhouse. I will do my best to get the word out about this book and I hope you will join me. Selfies, shares, book clubs, conversations; I’ll come talk with your church or home group or ladies ministry. God has something to say through this book – will you join the team? Help tell people about this book. It all starts with one click **here** to purchase your copy of Mountain Healing. Waiting for the paperback (within the week)? Great. Follow me on social media and share and like and comment; plus you’ll know exactly when that paperback goes live.

Thank you for your faithfulness, support, and encouragement along this journey. I know God has great things in store for this book and I can’t wait to see how that shakes out. Until then, #LoveOnPurpose and, even in this crazy Covid season, #LiveYourFaithBoldly!

Now go get Mountain Healing!! Like NOW!

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